The All New Polished Vista, Introducing "The Windows Mista"

What's the excitement behind Windows 7, do you remember this:

Ballmer: Windows 7 is Vista, just 'a lot better' [link]

"Windows Vista is good, Windows 7 is Windows Vista with clean-up in user interface [and] improvements in performance," Ballmer said. [link]

The event helped me to crystallize my thoughts. So to crystalline it... is it an UPGRADE or an UPDATE??  Microsoft prefers to call it an MAJOR UPGRADE to SELL MORE and ofcourse to get people move on from the Windows XP to Vista. For Vista users its can be called a MINOR UPGRADE or even better it should be an UPDATE or to put it more accurately a service pack. 

For Microsoft its a fairly significant upgrade, but for Vista users its not an overhaul of the operating system rather a signaficant update. But lets put a question to Mr. Ballmer, are they planning to sell Windows 7 to UPGRADERS and allow it for download as a service pack for UPDATERS??

If you dont understand, I cant explain it to you any better....the OS was not built for the user, it was built for Microsoft to make more $$ at your expense.....get used to paying for the true definition of "slack" ware... should be called Microsoft Mista. They Missed-another chance to do the right thing and make it secure.

Its just the same chocolate with a new packaging and a new brand name? 

"Polish doesn't change quartz into a diamond"


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